Tuesday, November 5, 2013

30 Days of Thrift Store Decor- Days 1-5

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Day 1- A cool old toolbox sits in my bay window is filled with thrift store dishes.

Day 2- An old windowI filled with pallet wood is complimented with shutters, pitchers and sweet sign- all from the thrift store.

Day 3- The small basket was a gift and the large elephant carving came from a consignment store for a good price, BUT everything else came from a thrift store.

Day 4- A windowless half bath does not photograph well- it looks so much better in person. These metal panels and the frame were painted, less than $1 for each thing

Day 5- My little thrift store cabinet was the perfect spot to display my cobalt glass and some more blue and white in my dining room.  50% of the shelf contents did come from a thrift store!

Come back next week to see 5 more days of thrift store decor.  

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