Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One Sweater = Five pumpkins

I've seen some beautiful pumpkins made from old sweaters all over Pinterest this fall.  I wanted to try it and challenged myself to only use what I had on had. I know some of my projects would come out better if I didn't throw down that challenge, but that is how I do things!   I had one creamy white cable knit sweater that was just too big and it was sitting in my "donate" basket.  I had 3 light globes sitting around waiting on some other project I can't remember and I had some embroidery hoops.  

I love these and I get lots of use out of my thrift store metal freezer basket above.  And I'm already thinking those embroidery hoops below will turn into cute ornaments with a change of it's cable knit next month.

Don't you love those little white ceramic pumpkins I found early this Fall at Dollar tree?

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