Monday, December 30, 2013

Adding Rustic Wire to a Frame

What a find, at what a price, $4.00!  I shop and donate lots at one particular thrift store and I think and hope I get great prices because of that.  Why else would this be $4.00?

 I decided to hang it the hall as a place to showcase some of the kids' pictures and art that I can change up quickly.  I simply used a staple gun and stapled rusty wire to the back in a zig zag pattern.  I hung things with mini clothes pins I found at Hobby Lobby and a local dollar store. 

Thanks for reading, you should follow along.

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  1. At $4.00...this was a steal...congrats on finding it! I like how you are using it for artwork and thanks for sharing at my party today. Happy New Year!!!


    1. Thanks, I hope to be at a lot more of your parties in 2014, one of the best parties around!