Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rustic Valentine Mantle

This is my first ever Valentine mantle.  I am not a cutesy heart kind of person but hello-- rustic hearts I can do.  I made the scrap wood heart on the bottom left of the window and then this whole look came together because of that.  

 I love that 8 pane window!

 The top heart was gold, just a touch of white spray paint made me love it.

 I used a tip from Organized Clutter to get that top left heart looking like rustic wood instead of the country mauve motif it had going on.  
I reused the berries from my Christmas decor even those little lights that come with those.  However I was one battery short for the moment so no lighted branches yet.  I added lots of twigs from the yard in to fill it out.  That big silver vase is new, well new to me from the thrift store. I love it!

Do you do any Valentine decor?  I like to change things up as long as it doesn't cost me much and my decor never costs me much!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Repurposed Welcome Sign

I made this BIG welcome sign from a headboard, an old broken headboard from the 1970's that was made of that heavy duty molded plastic.  A local thrift store was moving and had a free pile- I snagged the headboard and more and reduced the pile by half that day :)  There were many steps for the vision in my head to come to fruition and I did not realize how hard this plastic was to modify  so it took awhile. With my husband's help, this is what it became.  I knew it would be perfect for a big entry.

It is huge, its almost 4 feet wide.

This is the headboard before any changes. I saw so much potential!

I decided the side panels had to go and I was thinking it would be a chalkboard early on, but I changed my mind.

 I liked this shape much better but....

 Those raw edges presented a big problem so this got 
put to the side for awhile.

I dug it back out and added a 1 x 2 piece to the sides with some crazy nailing and bracing because there was hardly anything to nail to.  I painted and lightly distressed and added some beadboard.

I added an piece of vinyl I had and never used  and it was perfect.  A customer bought it for her porch.

Happy junking folks, go find some good stuff!

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Market Ready #5

This was my first tiered stand, but not my last to make. 
 I love plates so I need an excuse to
 look through all those thrift store stacks!

I thought this was too cute not to pick up.  Add a succulent, or cotton swabs, or cotton balls, anything small.

I love oval frames so I hope someone else does too.  
These would look great grouped together on a wall.

I think someone will have fun redoing this brass birdcage and that little brass basket is too cute!

I LOVE vintage plates.  I love these 3 together!

I made key shadow boxes out of a few frames.  I love my 
stash of old keys my mom found for me 
this past summer!

Pretty magazine storage.

 Perfect bud vase.

Pretty storage again!

I hope to be back with these kind of posts every week or so.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Junky Initials

I've made all kinds of things with junk and it is my favorite kind of creating to do!  I started doing these junky initials in addition to whole words and names on boards.  They are about 5x7 in size and I use reclaimed wood so nothing new, not even a screw was bought to make these.  Which is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by, I would love your comments!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Hall and Stair Makeover!

I added a mirror to the bottom of my stairs this weekend and I love it there.  It had previously been several places in the house and it is one of my treasured thrift store pieces.  So after adding the mirror, I thought I would share my stairs and hall which have come such a long way.  Everything about this house felt yellow, brown and dirty when we moved in, I desperately wanted the opposite of that. Wallpaper came down early on and the new floor was added this summer.  I'd like to think we lightened it up a bit!

This is what I see when I sit at the kitchen table, ahhh.  But to get to this.... but first here another look at that mirror. Can you see why I love it?

There was a door in this hallway when we moved it, I never understood it.  We removed it and took out the door frame and this  floor is what was left from fake river rock linoleum before the wood floors went in.

Below are the before pictures of the stair area,  you need to see this before I show you the after.

This is what we saw when we first looked at the house.

Here we were starting to remove wallpaper and yes the carpet was really that nasty.

I was thrilled to find wood under that carpet instead of particle board.  But to get those risers stainable, well it took a GOOD chuck of time. It was worth it.

One day soon my tiny little hope sign will not not be the only thing on that wall, I have a plan! The plan involves part of a screen door that came off the house my Daddy spent his younger years in.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

How To Mount Collections on Burlap

Mounting collections on burlap or any fabric is easier than it looks!  I don't have pictures of the process but I am here to tell you how.

  • Start with a frame painted and ready to go.
  • Cut a piece of foam core board or cardboard to fit inside the frame.
  • Cut a piece of burlap or fabric to cover what you just cut to size.
  • For this next step, you need a small paint brush, a small cup of water and Elmer's white glue.  Squirt a moderate amount of glue all around the cardboard/foam core and then a wet paintbrush to smooth it out and fill the entire piece, re-wet the paintbrush as needed. Thinned out glue needs to be everywhere.
  • Lay the fabric down on the glue and smooth out.  I usually place a book or something heavy on it while it dries so it doesn't curl up.
  • When it is dry, you are ready to mount your collections.  I used hot glue on everything you see below and it holds well but you can also also pop it off and peel the glue off if you change you mind.
  • Mount the covered piece in the frame.  If your frame has no way to hold it in, you can use glazier points like these.

I have mounted heavier things using this technique but didn't use hot glue. I used gorilla glue or E6000 for those. These projects aren't reversible!
Most of these framed collection lives in my oldest son's nature inspired room seen here.

Let me know what you have mounted and framed, I'd love to hear!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wall Medallion from Junk

This old wooden chip and dip set that was missing the bowl was found at the thrift store.  Then I found these plastic pieces from a curtain tie back set.  

Look what it made or what I made!  I glued the floral part down, painted and distressed and added a hanger to the back.  I love this big floral medallion and have plans to make 2 more similar pieces and then I have a cool project in mind for all of them.  I can't wait to do it and show you.
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Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY Dainty Cloches

I buy interesting pieces of glass from the thrift store and I also buy things that will hold that glass (candle sticks, small plates, etc).  Then I paint and maybe glue some pieces together to get pretty little cloches like this.

I hope you like them, try to make one for yourself. 

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Favorite Finds from 2013, Part 2

 I'm back with 3 more of my favorite second hand, cheap finds of 2013, the first 3 can be found here.

It was just an empty wall basket for $2.99 at Goodwill but I pictured it filled with beauty year round and decided I needed it for my porch!  Next year I plan to dry enough of my own hydrangeas to fill it with those.

I was at an estate auction and hadn't even thought of bidding on this chair. Antique chairs in good shape aren't usually in my budget.  But no one was bidding on this and I got it for $40!  A claw foot oak recliner for $40 and the cushions were in good shape!  Now it sits in my den and I sold the ugly, blue, bulky chair that say  in this room.

Throughout the year of thrifting I have picked up almost an entire 8 piece place setting of these fun vintage dishes, plus a platter.  I am only missing 4 pieces.  I love them, they make me happy!  I use them and maybe one day I'll find the 4 pieces.  
Happy thrifting to you!  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Favorite Finds from 2013

Here are 3 of my favorite thrift store finds from 2013.  I can't link back to blog posts because I never blogged specifically about them to begin with, oops! I think I'll be back with this kind of post a few more times this month as I play catch up!

I found this old window screen at a Habitat Resale store and had every intention of selling it and then.....yeah I kept it.  I printed a bird on limb image and then moved it around under the old screen and I outlined the birds with chalk.  I free handed the limbs to connect them and free handed the welcome part. I painted over the chalk lines with regular craft paint.  It was easy and it has been on my porch ever since.

When I saw the bird vase at a thrift store, I was first drawn to the color and then for just a few bucks I figured it was chipped like most things at the thrift store.  Well it looked good so in my cart it went.  I don't know is this is old or not, but I love it so I don't really care. 

Here is where it lives in my house, nestled in some other thrift store goodies.

I was doing a quick walk through of a thrift store that I normally don't buy much at, but that day I had to go back and get a cart!  One of my great finds that day was the cake stand, a keeper for sure!  I've not seen another one like it. It was perfect for Christmas decorating and now it highlights some of my old hardware, I think I need more glass door knobs, don't we all?

 Thanks for stopping by.  Anyone else have the thrift store bug as big as me?