Thursday, January 2, 2014

Favorite Finds from 2013

Here are 3 of my favorite thrift store finds from 2013.  I can't link back to blog posts because I never blogged specifically about them to begin with, oops! I think I'll be back with this kind of post a few more times this month as I play catch up!

I found this old window screen at a Habitat Resale store and had every intention of selling it and then.....yeah I kept it.  I printed a bird on limb image and then moved it around under the old screen and I outlined the birds with chalk.  I free handed the limbs to connect them and free handed the welcome part. I painted over the chalk lines with regular craft paint.  It was easy and it has been on my porch ever since.

When I saw the bird vase at a thrift store, I was first drawn to the color and then for just a few bucks I figured it was chipped like most things at the thrift store.  Well it looked good so in my cart it went.  I don't know is this is old or not, but I love it so I don't really care. 

Here is where it lives in my house, nestled in some other thrift store goodies.

I was doing a quick walk through of a thrift store that I normally don't buy much at, but that day I had to go back and get a cart!  One of my great finds that day was the cake stand, a keeper for sure!  I've not seen another one like it. It was perfect for Christmas decorating and now it highlights some of my old hardware, I think I need more glass door knobs, don't we all?

 Thanks for stopping by.  Anyone else have the thrift store bug as big as me?


  1. I'm working on painting a screen now too. I was hoping I could get the color to look "thicker" but the screen makes that difficult. Yours turned out great!

    1. Thank you Tracy, yes that thick even look is hard with the screen.