Friday, February 28, 2014

I Finally Opened an Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop is finally open. I've thought about it for over a year! Here are some of the things you'll find in my first batch of listings! I would love for you to visit and favorite my shop.  Thanks!


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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dining Room Redo

I've never had a house with a true dining room and actually had furniture to go in it before this one.  I love my dining room now and hated everything about it before.  You will see why! It was fun to do it thrift store style of course!

I am not a great photographer with a great camera so my house pictures never look as good in pictures as in person.  The paint color in my dining room never shows true to color, but these first 2 pictures are the closest.  It is Hearts of Palm by Sherwin Williams.

I have more picture to show you but here is the before. Three layers of window coverings, pepto bismol pink below the chair rail, carpet, and a 1970s sliding door that was a beast to open.

You can see the transformation of this china cabinet here.

I stuck this cabinet in here to see if I would like it.  I don't have a pantry and needed more storage.  I'll paint it white and remove that mirror behind it and call it done.  Yay for pantry storage with 3 growing boys!

And here is what is on the center of my table now.  It will change a little closer to spring.  I searched and searched for the perfect tablecloth because the table really needs a redo and I finally found it on Amazon. I LOVE it!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Finials from Repurposed Parts #2

I made several more finials out of an odd assortment of pepper mills, candlesticks, curtain rod finials and other wood parts from the thrift store.  This time I took a picture before I painted them so you could see the different parts I used. 

 See the other finials I have made in this post.

These are fun to make.  I use screws on some things- the double sided kind that is often on the end of a finial and I also use glue.  

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Letter C from a Chair Back

I had 2 cheap uncomfortable chairs and decided to repurpose one into a big letter C.  I didn't even repaint, I just sanded some of the shiny black off.  

I had 2 finial type things that were on a curtain tie back set from the thrift store.  Perfect finishing touch. Below is the chair I used...

I reused the chair legs too, I had 2 sets and they are holding up a shelf for display in my booth. Now I just need to figure out a way to use all those plain spindles and the chair bottom so I can say I used and repurposed it all :)

Happy junking, thrifting, and creating to you!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Beautiful Bridal Chalkboard

I simply never tire of seeing a transformation before my eyes, and white paint can certainly do that.  I have a customer who wanted a chalkboard to use for the menu at her wedding and in her home after.  She wanted a certain look and I only shop at thrift stores for things to redo so the great search was on.  It took awhile to find but here it is.

Glossy white paint turned this gorgeous wood frame into a piece fit for a wedding.  I love it!

Visit some of my other transformations with white hereherehere, and here.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scrap Metal Hearts

I've been playing with some textured scrap metal from an unexpected source.  I love these "hinged" hearts and I no doubt got my inspiration from various pinterest images over the last few years.  

Two hooks for keys!

The metal I used came from cheap metal planter boxes like the one below!  This one has fake tulips wrongfully arranged in it.  Its pretty easy to cut with good tin snips and sands wonderfully.  I did not paint these, I just sanded paint off and I used a hammer to flatten out the design some.

So add that to your list of things to scour the thrift stores and yard sales for.

Happy Junking!

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