Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dining Room Redo

I've never had a house with a true dining room and actually had furniture to go in it before this one.  I love my dining room now and hated everything about it before.  You will see why! It was fun to do it thrift store style of course!

I am not a great photographer with a great camera so my house pictures never look as good in pictures as in person.  The paint color in my dining room never shows true to color, but these first 2 pictures are the closest.  It is Hearts of Palm by Sherwin Williams.

I have more picture to show you but here is the before. Three layers of window coverings, pepto bismol pink below the chair rail, carpet, and a 1970s sliding door that was a beast to open.

You can see the transformation of this china cabinet here.

I stuck this cabinet in here to see if I would like it.  I don't have a pantry and needed more storage.  I'll paint it white and remove that mirror behind it and call it done.  Yay for pantry storage with 3 growing boys!

And here is what is on the center of my table now.  It will change a little closer to spring.  I searched and searched for the perfect tablecloth because the table really needs a redo and I finally found it on Amazon. I LOVE it!!

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  1. Your dining room is very pretty. I want new sliding glass doors too. Mine are over 50 years old!!! I love your colors too. My living room is a very soft yellow and my kitchen is a mustard yellow. Pink is my favorite so my bedroom is a very soft pink. Enjoy your new room.

    1. Thank you! Your colors sound nice, and I hope you get new doors. they are so nice!