Monday, April 21, 2014

An Owl Parliament

I've had a whole flock of owls fly through my booth recently and that is when I learned a group of owls is called a parliament, who knew?  I usually pick up owls when I am off thrifting and I've sold plenty unpainted, but often they are chipped and new some need paint.  Here you can see more owls I've painted. And below is my newest batch.
thrift store owls

I painted the duo below, one was older and chipped and one was newer with stickers on it instead of painted features, I peeled those off. I  painted a red layer and then a teal layer for the look which I think turned out well.

spray painted owl

I found a set of these heavy old bookends but they were chipped all over the place.  Instead of just painting them, I simply sanded strategically to make the white look intentional and then  I added some glaze in a few spots and sealed it all.

owl bookend

And here they are, aged to perfection.  

Vintage owls

Which owls are your favorite?


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