Friday, April 4, 2014

Rustic Entry Table

I knew all along I wanted to add legs to this wood box, but it took me over a year to actually do it- anyone else out there like that?  I found the legs at an estate sale and the nice old wood for the top at another sale.  Of course I had to get my husband to help me with this one, but I do love the outcome.  

Here is the box I started with.  I've used it sitting on a trunk filled with kid's books, and I've used it to gather small items at my antique booth, but nothing beats making it into the table above!!

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  1. That's nice! I have a lot of componants, too, and have little tables twirling around in my head. A lot of turned, antique spindles, wine crates, and so on.
    I really like what you've done and it gives me encouragement! :)

    1. Thank you Christine, go for it. I have a coffee table in the works and lots more in my head!