Friday, May 23, 2014

Repurposed Hall Tree

I have collected or hoarded some pieces for awhile with the intention of building some repurposed furniture and I finally got the nerve to just do it myself, before I always felt like I needed my husband's help.  I am proud to say I built two hall trees without even a consultation, and I love them.  Here is the first one.

Here is a list of the parts I had and used, I didn't buy anything new to make this.
  • bifold doors (taken out of my house during remodel)
  • 2 sets of table legs (I find these at yard sales, thrift stores and take them off cheap furniture found on the roadside)
  • Decorative top (The top was cut from a large mirror frame with no mirror that a friend gave me)
  • Shelf (I cut 2 pieces from a shelf taken out of my house too)
  • Mirror (a thrift store find)

I painted it in Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze and then distressed some and waxed it.

Hall Tree made from Closet doors

 Do you spot my two photo bombers?   Ace and Hank are always curious about my new creations and they end up in lots of photos.

Vintage Brass Hardware

I used vintage brass hardware for places to hang keys, glasses, a purse and more. The mirror is old and has spots, and the silver on the back is crackled in a few places- it is perfectly vintage- you can not create that patina! And from about 10 feet away this mirror makes you look at least 10 pounds thinner, seriously it is awesome!

I love these tiny little feet that came from a broken table I used for parts. I used one on each side of the top shelf for a fun detail.

Here is a sneak peek at Hall Tree #2 and a picture of this one unpainted.  I hope they sell so I can create more, they were fun to make and I would love an excuse to legitimately hoard more junk!

If you need some more inspiration to create your own repurposed hall tree, search repurposed hall trees and potting benches on Pinterest.

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Thank you stopping by and I would love your thoughts on this project as comments.

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  1. I love them both! I too am in the process of "hoarding" pieces to create one! I love your finishing touches. You are inspiring me to get a move on!

    1. Great to hear, thanks for sharing, good luck!

  2. These are SO cool!!! Wish I had a creative eye like you do. When I see old stuff at thrift stores/yard sales or curb side giveaways, all I see is junk.

  3. These are SO cool!!! Wish I had a creative eye like you do. When I see old stuff at thrift stores/yard sales or curb side giveaways, all I see is junk.

    1. Thank you so much. I have picked up and even bought stuff I've never used and let some things pass I regret, it's a learning curve!

  4. These are such great ideas!! Love them!! how clever and what a great re purpose you did on them!

    1. Thanks, I think most people can find a closet door and start from there, it is fun!

  5. seriously awesome! Love the metallics.

    1. Thank you Kimm, I love aged brass- the 80s and 90s fake shiny stuff- not so much! :)

  6. I Love these piece. It shows a great mind at work. Keep up the re-purposing magic a thanks for sharing you awesome Idea's.

    1. Thank you, I wish I had the time and organization to share all the ideas I have in my head... maybe one day :)