Monday, June 2, 2014

3 wood projects

Some days I just want to create- I have tons of projects I could do, both in my house and to eventually sell.  90% of those projects require paint- which is always a 2-3 step process and there are MANY days I don't feel like painting.  So I surveyed my wood pile and knocked these 3 out quickly.

Repurposed Jello Mold

This super cool wood which picked from a road side pile, I think they were bed rails and these little jello molds came from an estate sale.  They reflection is perfect!

Leash Holder DIY

I love theses hooks from Hobby Lobby and the big chuck of rustic wood was perfect for a weathered stenciled look.

Wall Mirrors grouped

I  thought these dainty mirrors needed some rustic wood and of course they have far greater impact like this than just hung on a wall.  Can you believe I found the three matching mirrors at two different yard sales in two different times of the year?  I love when things like that happen!  Two of them had previously been in my half bath which is getting a new look soon, with a new paint color and new wall decor.

Some times creating with wood is as simple as hanging something on a piece of wood, it can't get easier than that!

Thanks for being here!

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