Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Window Projects

Today I am sharing with you 2 window projects to make way for more window projects!!

The first one is mirrored using the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint.  This stuff creates an imperfect aged mirror look.  It is not perfect and it is very stinky, but it is much cheaper than having mirrors cut and put in a window, I had that quoted and it was around $40!  The window below was going in a beachy condo for a gallery wall.  

Old Window wall art

I had a window with one broken pane.  I've used windows with and without panes for various projects but I could tell the remaining glass was not going to come out easily so I thought it would be neat to hang something in that empty space, like this beautiful thrift store cross. I then added these shutters and dry brushed them with some green paint and sanded for a worn look.  I did have my husband send one side of the window through the table saw to even them up so. I loved how it turned out.

Old window with broken pane

I hope to soon build a table with windows!!

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