Monday, August 18, 2014

My First Big Event

On August 16th, I set up for what I called Rockin' Redesigns Summer Market.  I planned the event for several reasons. One being so many people who like my stuff never make it to my booth and two being my best stuff was sitting in my garage and storage shed unfinished because of lack of motivation.  So I set a date and started knocking out projects right and left, of course I didn't get around to all of them, is that even possible?  The day was very successful. I love interacting with customers and knowing who bought what and where they plan on putting it.  

My Realtor friend let me use this fabulous space at her office.  Scroll down to see a glimpse of the fabulous house!  In hind sight, I should have moved the Coldwell Banker signs in the background, but the morning was so  busy, I didn't have time.

Hall Tree from Closet Door

Furniture made from old windows

Hopefully I can go back and highlight some of my favorite projects in upcoming post, but this event was why blog posts have been sporadic.  Of course now I have custom orders from the sale to finish and a new booth space to set up in a few weeks.  I decided to go to a smaller cheaper booth with walls instead of my larger wide open booth.
I want to plan another event like this but find a few vendors to set up with me so I don't have to feel the pressure to churn out a huge amount every time.

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