Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Dollar Store Decor

Well it would not seem like October without me sharing some creepy decor with you again.  I usually do a creepy porch but decided to bring it all inside and decorate the porch with pumpkins and fall things that aren't creepy.

Dollar Store Halloween Sign
Here I took 4 foam signs from the Dollar Store and hot glued them to a rustic piece of old wood.  I had this old milk crate and my animal collection consists of bats, rats, snakes, and crows.  I have seen creatures like these at Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and more.  Don't you love a cheap project?  All of mine are so stick around.

Creepy Cloth for Halloween

Cheap Halloween Decor
I have 2 black candle holders I only bring out at Halloween, one is from the thrift store. I added creepy cloth (from the Dollar Store) and that was all they needed. I have found the creepy cloth in grey and black.

Dollar Store Halloween decorating

I saw this idea on pinterest last year and made them then,  They held up great stored away.  I took 3 "organs" that are sold on meat trays in Dollar Tree stores around Halloween.  I added them glass food jars with water I colored with red food coloring.  I also spray painted the tops black and added a rat.  I think the white try makes it all look better and the bug or two I added helps too!

I hope to photograph my other ideas and have them up here soon. 
Check under the Halloween label to see a few years worth of decorations. You will see the same pieces used in many different ways.

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