Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Guest Room Walls

My guest room is tiny, nothing but a twin bed will fit!  So it has a day bed in it and for most of its life has been a catch all.  I used lots of decor that didn't fit this house to decorate it a few years ago but I never loved it.  So I did what I always do and took it all down and sold it.  I added my old quilt on the bed and then I got all the old pictures and decided that was what I wanted in that room.

Old Photos in Decor

I picked up a vintage spoon display in the shape of America at a thrift store.  I ripped the spoon holder part off and glued some mini clothes pin and added these priceless old photos.  I am blessed to have them!

Repurposed Old Photo Display

Then I added a little window project I made and even tired to sell! I'm glad no one bought it!

I have lots more to show you of my house and projects so maybe I'll get to it soon.

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