Monday, January 5, 2015

White Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Right before Thanksgiving we finished the kitchen!! Well, really all we did was paint the cabinets, all the other work like new floors, appliances and counter tops had been completed over a year ago. And even with all those completed items it still looked like the same old outdated kitchen.  Behold the power of paint to totally transform a kitchen and oh with a little help from bead board!

I applied bead board wallpaper the the inset panel of all the doors and drawers, it covered a super thin cheap shiny paneling type material from 1973. To say I thoroughly cleaned and rinsed  is an understatement! The most important step by far. I painted them with Inslx Cabinet Coat and I LOVE that paint.  I found it at Benjamin Moore and had them tint it to Dove White. It says no priming necessary and I believe them!  It  has held up well for the past few months. We had a huge house full at Thanksgiving and it has been used heavily by us.
White cabinet kitchen renovation

Painted White Cabinets
Wonder why we remodeled our kitchen?  Well here you go.
out of date kitchen renovation
I have lots more details I can add and even more pictures, but I blog so sporadically I doubt there is anyone reading this. But if you are and have any questions, I'll be glad to answer then for you.