Friday, March 27, 2015

Salvaged Molding Coffee Table Top

I love adding repurposed tops to outdated and damaged tables. Adding rustic or pallet wood is what I usually do.  Do you remember the red tables I redid?   Here is my first try at stacked salvaged molding for a table top.  I love stacked molding and have used that idea on several projects, like this cross and this piece.

I knew the client I was making this for would use a tray and an uneven surface did not matter.  As you scroll through the pictures you will see how its made and the type of wood I used. 

Salvaged Wood

Teals and white, aged and distressed.

Salvaged Molding

This started as a cheap oval coffee table. I took the top off and am saving it for another repurpose, I just don't know what yet.

To use the thinner molding I had as a top, I created two support pieces so it would support some weight without breaking.

 I attached the support pieces with pocket holes and screws.  I have the basic Kreg Jr. jig and while a  nicer model would be great to have, this one gets the job done for what I need and it was cheap.  I cut each piece to length and laid it out but I painted the pieces before I attached them.  I attached the boards to the base with some wood glue and a nail gun. 

Below is a bad picture from my dark garage but I wanted you to see the molding.  This is door trim and very basic molding, I did choose pieces that were similar in thickness to minimize the unevenness of the top.

All and all, this was easy and I will do another top like this soon.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Simple Spring Mantle

I left my Valentine's mantle up a little too long this year, and I was needing something Springy that I could leave for months.  I drag lots of things out when I do this.  Its all fun until you have to clean up!

Once again, my mantle is 100% thrift store or dollar store. A local dollar store had these watering cans, I bought 5!!  The moss stones are from Dollar Tree from 2 years ago, I still love them. 

Natural Spring Mantle

Rustic Spring Mantle

Those flat woven baskets are so cheap at my local thrift stores, less than $1.00 and  I use them behind things often.

Naural spring mantle

I hope you like it, it is simple, but that is what I wanted.   It has a few similar touches as last year's Spring Mantle.  Who knows what I will do when I tire of this look.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stocking my booth- 4 projects

Here are some things I've made recently.  It feels good to be be back in full creative mode and have the time to finish a few things. 

 I have several pieces of this old wood and I thought these hooks and knobs were perfect to put on there. 

Imagine a butterfly letter organizer from way back when that was damaged and that is what this was.  It has sat around here for a very long time, but Carlene at Organized Clutter posted a project that inspired me to do this.  I took the butterflies of and  saved them. I attached this shelf, the clip and the silver thing is a coaster.  I really like it all together!

This was a grungy yard sale find covered in painted apples, but I sanded and repainted with good results.

 I like making things with stacked molding, this is my 4th of 5th project and I have a hard time throwing wood scraps out. I made this with scrap molding pieces.