Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stocking my booth- 4 projects

Here are some things I've made recently.  It feels good to be be back in full creative mode and have the time to finish a few things. 

 I have several pieces of this old wood and I thought these hooks and knobs were perfect to put on there. 

Imagine a butterfly letter organizer from way back when that was damaged and that is what this was.  It has sat around here for a very long time, but Carlene at Organized Clutter posted a project that inspired me to do this.  I took the butterflies of and  saved them. I attached this shelf, the clip and the silver thing is a coaster.  I really like it all together!

This was a grungy yard sale find covered in painted apples, but I sanded and repainted with good results.

 I like making things with stacked molding, this is my 4th of 5th project and I have a hard time throwing wood scraps out. I made this with scrap molding pieces. 

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